Capacity Build

The Net Zero Lawyers Alliance is working in collaboration with the Race to Zero High Level Champions, Mission Possible, UNFCCC, IPCC, Oxford University Sustainable Law Programme, several Cambridge University climate change initiatives, Grantham Institute, BIICL, The Law Society and other international law organisations and associations to finalise three baseline capacity building tools for its member law firm professionals.

The Client Perspective

What clients require from their external law firms in relation to the firm’s own operational net zero targets and the legal services required to assist clients and inhouse counsel to navigate and accelerate their own transition to net zero.

The Legal Perspective

A digestible mapping of the rapidly moving legal landscape in response to climate change from the establishment of the IPCC in 1988 to myriad climate change related legislation, regulation and case law developing at an unprecedented pace as states increase ambition and implement their Nationally Determined Contribution targets and plans in accordance with the Paris Agreement. It will explore how Net Zero Lawyer Alliance ‘Convert’ initiatives might assist to ensure that this supports, facilitates, enhances and accelerates private sector investment in climate change mitigation and resilience.

The Science Perspective

A primer on the IPCC and meaning of its ‘best available science’, including how the IPCC works procedurally and its purpose and goals for assisting states to set policy, and a breakdown of the content of its reports, including soon to be released Assessment Report 6 chapters.

The training is for all lawyers and professionals within the member law firms. Existing specialist teams in environmental and climate change law will be fluent in most of the areas covered by the training tools. Therefore, their impact is likely to be most significant in other sectors including finance, banking, project infrastructure, mergers and acquisitions and other corporate practice areas, as well as broader compliance, litigation and disputes practices.

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